Bronx Zoo Run for the Wild Fun Run

On the last Saturday in April, Kevin and I participated in the Run for the Wild fun run in the Bronx Zoo for the Wildlife Conservation Society. It was an easy 5k but what was most appealing about the run for me was that not only did donations go towards a good cause–saving animals–but the race was actually held in the zoo.I was able to raise $200 for the run, and it was an enjoyable day.

The event was sold out so there was a good turnout and there were a lot of families with their children. Even the adults had a lot of fun. It was cute seeinga lot of the adult participants dressed up in different animal costumes from bubble bees, to a shark, to a tiger. If I do the run next year I definitely want to dress up.

It was so much fun to run through the zoo and to see many different animals while running. Kevin and I even stopped at one point to take a selfie with some giraffes in the background. There were also random peacocks walking around throughout the race which was neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a peacock that close in person. They are really beautiful. I’m glad I heard about Run for the Wild and was able to participate this year.