First Trip to Vegas as an Adult

A few weekends ago I took a short trip to Vegas. Kevin was already there for a company offsite, so when he asked if I wanted to come for the weekend to see Britney Spears in concert, I jumped at the chance because I had been wanting to see her Britney: Piece of Me concert for over a year. It was also my first adult trip to Las Vegas; the last and only time I was there was when I was about twelve years old and all I remember was going to a water park and the M&M’s store and waiting outside casinos with my mom and brother while my dad ran in “real fast.”

This trip was a lot different. I flew into Vegas on Friday night and headed to the Encore where we were staying the weekend. I had about an hour to eat and freshen up before hopping in a limo with Kevin and a few of his female co-workers to go to The Axis at Planet Hollywood(yup, you read correctly, a limousine. Kevin wanted to impress the ladies.). When we got to the concert, one of the ushers called us aside and asked us if we wanted better tickets, so we jumped at the opportunity. Luck was on our side that night because we somehow landed FREE tickets in the standing right area closest to the stage.
The view was unbelievable. Britney was literally feet away from us. Jay-Z and Beyonce also happened to be at the same Britney performance, so we had even more excitement before the show started with a great view of them as well in their VIP seats (tables 7&8 on the chart).

We all had a blast at the concert. Going into it I was just expecting a good performance because I know that Britney doesn’t have strong vocals. She was definitely entertaining but you could tell she was lip syncing the entire time and making it obvious by really exaggerating her lip movements. You have to give it to her though because it was high energy for 90 straight minutes. If you have a chance to see her in concert if you go to Vegas I highly recommend it.I’ve been a big, consistent, loyal fan of Britney’s since the beginning and I’ve been to previous concerts of hers so it was good to see her still rocking it on the stage. I had a lot of fun dancing and singing along since I naturally know all the words to her songs, and I was very grateful for the amazing upgraded tickets.

We contemplated seeing Calvin Harris DJ after the Britney show, but we were pretty tired afterward and we decided nothing could beat Britney and our unexpected amazing tickets. Next time!
The next morning Kevin and I walked around Vegas. We went to the Venetian because someone recommended we go on a romantic gondola ride, but once we got there we decided that we’d rather wait until we go to Italy to take our first gondola ride together. The rest of the afternoon we walked around looking at shops, and I watched Kevin gamble for a while. He even treated me to two gorgeous David Yurman bracelets that I fell in love with.

In the evening we had spa appointments at the Encore spa. It was once of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had. It is definitely deserving of Forbes Travel Guide Five Star award.The ambiance was beautiful and relaxing. In addition to a great massage they also had a pool room with three different small pools at different temperatures to relax in. We even saw Diplo at our hotel coming out of the gym when Kev and I were relaxing on the couches outside the spa area. Our spa treatment was the perfect way to end a really fun weekend.

Cheers to Vegas! I’m looking forward to going back sometime.