Bring It On: The Musical

I recently saw Bring It On: TheMusical on broadway with a co-worker, and it was surprisingly pretty good. I went into it with low expectations because it is based on the movie Bring It On about cheerleaders. I've watched Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst several times and

I know the storyline well, so it was nice that they changed up a few things in the musical.


My favorite change in Bring It On: The Musical was the addition of Ryann Redmond's character, Bridget, an overweight girl who wants to be on the cheer squad. I guess the compar

able character in the movie would be Missy, but Missy's transition is from punk goth chick to preppy cheerleader. Ryann's character adds more humor to the musical and send a positive message about it being okay to be different and to be tolerant of everyone. Taylor Louderman who plays the main character, Campbell, also does a great job. Extra props to her for going to college at the University of Michigan too.

It was also pretty cool seeing the cast doing live stunts on the stage in front of you. There are no second takes during a live performance, and

I didn't catch any mess-ups. There wasn't much to the stage of the production, but there was so much movement on stage, there wasn't much need for elaborate stage scenery anyway.

Bring It On: The Musical is a light-hearted musical with a young cast that sends a positive message. It's appropriate for all ages, though I think it attracts a younger audience.It isactually

a pretty decent musical. I can at least say it was better than Ghost the musical.