9/11 Memorial Museum

The other weekend Kevin and I checked out the September 11 Memorial Museum. I hardly go that far downtown so I didn’t know what was being built besides the Freedom Tower, and Ididn’t really know what to expect, but it was actually a really cool experience. I wasn’t expecting to feel as emotional as I did simply because I already knew a lot of what happened that day and we’ve had over a decade to process those feelings.
I remember moments from middle school, but there is no day I remember as well as the morning of September 11, 2001. I was in eighth grade in home period. I remember my teacher heard the news and turned on the TV and just started crying. I did not understand the magnitude of what had happened but watching my teacher, a grown man, cry, I just knew that something bad had happened. Shortly after, the principle came over the intercom letting us know that all schools were closing and our parents were being notified that we were being sent home. I remember being fearful because the school was never closed unless it was a holiday, and I wondered if we were going to be safe. It’s weird thinking about that day and how NYC is my home now.
The Museum and Memorial were well designed. The Memorial features two huge waterfalls/reflecting pools at the base of where the original Twin Towers sat. All along the pools are the names of all the people who died that day from the attack.The site says, “”The Memorial Plazais one of the most eco-friendly plazas ever constructed. More than 400 trees surround the reflecting pools. Its design conveys a spirit of hope and renewal, and creates a contemplative space separate from the usual sights and sounds of a bustling metropolis.”” I agree that the Memorial actually feels peaceful which is really comforting knowing that it’s sitting on top of the site of one of America’s largest devastation.
The Museum had the opposite feel of the tranquil Memorial. The inside is very dark and somber. Steelbeamsfrom the original towers that were twisted likeplay-dough from the attack are displayed. They also have one of the demolished fire trucks on display. It was something about the mixed media–audio playing recorded phone calls, TV coverage, and pictures–that brought my emotions to a whole other level. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach even though it had already happened. Surprisingly, the audio was the worst for me. I think it”s because you can hear the distress in people’s voice even though they’re trying to remain calm. You can hear in their voice the severity of the situation.
The other thing that was eerie was seeing all of the postcards and film posters that had the Twin Towers in the background since they’ve always been an iconic symbol of NYC. I even have a picture of when I was a little girl visiting NYC with the Twin Towers in the background.
Although I felt a little morose after leaving, I strongly recommend everyone check out the September 11 Memorial and Museum.

Poland Spring Five Miler

Normally I wouldn’t write a blog post for running a race that was only five miles, but I want to document this one because it was Kevin’s first time running five miles in an official race and I’m really proud of him. I have always been a runner. I ran cross country and track in middle and high school, and I have always enjoyed running for fun. I even ran the New York Half Marathon last year. Kevin on the other hand, while active, has never been into running as a sport.

This summer I somehow convinced Kevin to go on a runcation in the Pocons with me, and while I can’t say he enjoyed it, he definitely left the trip feeling more comfortable running and running for distances longer than a mile. Luckily the running we put in during runcation led to Kevin joining me once in a while for a treadmill running class at Mile High Run Club or TheRun. Kev told his trainer about surviving our runcation, and he was actually the one who encouraged Kevin to sign up for a race. As soon as Kevin told me that he was willing to do a race, I was gung ho to sign up for one too. We knew he could easily handle a 5k (3.2 miles) so we ended up signing up for an a five mile race.

The race we decided on was the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff in Central Park the weekend prior to the New York City Marathon. While it was a little intense being at a race surrounded by many serious runners about to run in the NYC marathon the following weekend, there was an electric, energetic feeling in the air that kept me excited about the run. I didn’t really train for the race outside of my normal weekly workouts (which ranges from boxing to yoga to spin to occasionally running) so I went into it telling myself not to be too competitive and hard on myself and simply finish the race. I think Kevin’s goal was also to finish the race and to do so without walking.

Kevin and I both finished the race and felt good about it afterwards. Kevin finished the race without walking and I kept my pace a little under 8:30 miles which is what I was aiming for. It was a really nice start of our Sunday and we felt really accomplished afterward. Hopefully Kev will join me at another race soon 🙂

EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women's Cancer

This past Saturday I completed the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women’s Cancer. The event started in Times Square and finished in Central Park. When I first heard about the walk, I was hesitant to participate because I knew there was going to be a ton of people and I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic, but I decided I wanted to have that experience at least once, so I registered. And I am very happy I did. There were thousands of people and you could feel the energy in the air. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits despite it being crowded. I am also thankful that my boyfriend, Kevin, joined me as well. His grandmother had breast cancer, so it was important for him to run in her honor.

Since the inception of the EIF Revlon Run/Walks in 1994, It‰غھs committed fundraising participants have made it possible for the EIF Revlon Run/Walks to distribute over $65 million to support pioneering research, deliver diagnostic treatment services for medically under-served women, and provide psycho-social & financial support to women facing cancer and their loved ones.

The event kicked off with some opening words from Revlon Brand Ambassadors Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde. Jimmy Fallon was the MC. Then, a long blast of confetti at the start line marked the beginning of the walk/run. There were so many people it took a while to get going, but once we were a half mile in we were able to move around more easily. The 2.7 mile course started in Times Square and ended in Central Park. After the finish there were a dozen or so tents set up with event sponsors goodie bags.

I truly

did enjoy myself at the EIF Revlon Run/Walk. Kevin and I ran half of the way and walked the remainder. It was a fairly nice day, and it was even nicer to finish in Central Park which felt lush with the arrival of Spring. Most importantly, I was happy I got out of bed early on a Saturday morning to show my support for important cancer programs funded by the efforts of EIF Revlon Run/Walk participants and other supporters.


Ghost the Musical on Broadway

I was really excited to see Ghost on Broadway. I have always been a fan of Ghost the movie. Plus, a friend (who also happens to be male) said it was good, so I figured it must bereally good then. Unfortunately, I am now doubting my friend's taste.

I'm really bummed about it because Ghost the musical had so much potential. Everyone loved the movie, so if you're sticking withthe same storyline, how could you mess it up? But they did. In their attempt to make it more modern and stand out from other musicals, I think they took their eye off the ball and was too focused on the playing field so to speak.

From the moment the opening credits are projected onto the curtain, it's clear that this musical adaptation of the beloved feature film makes great use of high-tech, cinematic elements. These stage illusions ghost Sam walks through doors, spirits and bodies instantly separate into two beings make this show a seriously supernatural experience. Projection is used for everything from basic backdrops and scene-setting to back up for a music video…“” (Ghost).

The digital projections were pretty

cool, I give them that, but even so, some of itwas too corny. It seemed that the show relied more on the use of high-tech than it did on good acting and dancing. The

music, for one, was bland and forgettable. With most shows I go to there is at least one memorable song/scene that is catchy and sticks out in my mind. I quickly forgot about all of the Ghost songs shorty after leaving the theater. Secondly, the choreography was just LAME. I think you'd call it contemporary dance, but considering there was a lot of dancing throughout the show, they should have made

it more more exciting. Everything about it was just mediocre.

There were a few times throughout the show I turned to look at my boyfriend to gauge his reaction to the corniness. Maybe I had too high of expectations prior to seeing the show, but I was definitely disappointed.The best part about Ghost is Richard Fleeshman, who plays Sam and is a complete babe, but even with the eye candy, I still can't say I recommend seeing Ghost.


Bring It On: The Musical

I recently saw Bring It On: TheMusical on broadway with a co-worker, and it was surprisingly pretty good. I went into it with low expectations because it is based on the movie Bring It On about cheerleaders. I've watched Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst several times and

I know the storyline well, so it was nice that they changed up a few things in the musical.


My favorite change in Bring It On: The Musical was the addition of Ryann Redmond's character, Bridget, an overweight girl who wants to be on the cheer squad. I guess the compar

able character in the movie would be Missy, but Missy's transition is from punk goth chick to preppy cheerleader. Ryann's character adds more humor to the musical and send a positive message about it being okay to be different and to be tolerant of everyone. Taylor Louderman who plays the main character, Campbell, also does a great job. Extra props to her for going to college at the University of Michigan too.

It was also pretty cool seeing the cast doing live stunts on the stage in front of you. There are no second takes during a live performance, and

I didn't catch any mess-ups. There wasn't much to the stage of the production, but there was so much movement on stage, there wasn't much need for elaborate stage scenery anyway.

Bring It On: The Musical is a light-hearted musical with a young cast that sends a positive message. It's appropriate for all ages, though I think it attracts a younger audience.It isactually

a pretty decent musical. I can at least say it was better than Ghost the musical.