4th of July in Michigan – 2015

This Independence Day I had a lot more up my sleeve than just coming home to visit my family. Independence Day weekend this year revolved around two little kittens, Casper and Wendy.

Rewind about two months before, our other remaining family cat after Sparky, Abigail, passed away after about twenty years with us. My parents were really upset because Abby was mainly their cat. I could tell how sad my parents were, so I went to my breeder’s website, who I got Pants and Boots from, and saw that she just recently had a litter of kittens. I took that as a sign, so I called my dad and told him that I wanted to get him and my mom two kittens but I needed to make sure he was okay with it before I put a deposit down. My dad was excited off the bat, so for the two months leading up to the Fourth of July weekend, I was coordinating with the breeder and my dad on getting the babies to Michigan.

Kevin and I drove about four hours to Maryland, outside of DC, to meet with the breeder to pick up the kittens. The kittens were small enough to fit in one hand and they were super cute. From there Kevin and I had about a nine hour drive to Detroit. We took turns driving and were able to get there without sleep or any problems. The one good thing about driving straight through the night was that we didn’t run into any traffic which helped us make good time. When I was in the passenger seat, I learned quickly that Casper and Wendy were not going to tolerate being stuck in their (spacious) carrying case anymore. After trying to keep them company but still keep them in their case, I gave up and the rascals quickly took over. They were having a blast running around in the car and climbing into the trunk area where they found a cozy spot on top of a suitcase.

We finally made it to Michigan around 6:30am and my dad met us at the Hertz car rental near the Detroit airport where we dropped off the rental car. We had half a day to get the kittens settled in their new home before my mom came home from work. She was still thinking that my flight was getting in that evening, so when she got home from work and saw my sandals, she was instantly confused. We made her sit on the couch with her eyes closed. When she opened them I had Casper in my arms and told her that I get her two kittens to make her happy and keep her company again. Later that evening, my brother came over and we all went to dinner and then to the movies to see Terminator.

The next day was Friday. My mom and I had some mother-daughter time and Kevin and my dad did their own thing. My mom and I went shopping and had some good luck with our findings. For lunch we went to my beloved Olga’s. Kev and my dad went to Greektown casino and Kevin had some good luck of his own. We all met back up in the evening to go to a Detroit Tiger’s baseball game. Before going to the game we had pizza at Pizza Papalis. The night game at Comerica Park was really nice. We had great seats (they were my present to my dad for Father’s Day) and it was a really nice evening. What was more awesome was that the Tiger’s won the game after having been on a losing streak, and there were beautiful fireworks after the game.

On Saturday me, my dad, Kevin, and my brother were all supposed to go golfing nine holes, but I was still exhausted so my dad cancelled. Instead I slept in and played with the kittens all morning. Around 2pm all of us packed up the car and headed to my grandparents. It was another beautiful, sunny day, and it was nice spending it out by the lake. We took a nice, leisure boat ride around the lake, played some bocce ball, and enjoyed refreshing Leinenkugel. Once night fell we lit off some fireworks and lit Chinese lanterns before heading home. It was great to spend time with my extended family who I hadn’t seen since Christmas. It was definitely a memorable holiday weekend that I’ll never forget. I feel just as happy to have bought my parents two critters that they’ll love and have so much fun with as they are. I hope Casper and Wendy bring as much joy to their lives as Pants and Boots have to mine.

Spring/Summer in the City 2015

I originally started this post in the Springbut life (mainly work) has been so busy that Spring passed in the blink of an eye and it’s already summer. Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to fit in a lot of fun activities over the past three months or so, mostly on weekends. I usually don’t travel as much during the summer and I take advantage of things to do and see in the city.

I’ve seen quite a few Broadway shows over the past few weeks including Gigi starring Vanessa Hudgens, Skylight starring Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan, An American in Paris, and The Way We Get By starring Amanda Seyfried andThomas Sadoski.

Gigi and An America in Paris were musicals; Skylight and The Way We Get By were plays, but all were very different and very good. I think I was the most surprised by how much I enjoyed Gigi. It could have been because it wasn’t on the top of my list and I bought discount tickets at TKTS pretty late and somehow managed to get front row seats, or it could have been that I really likes the songs, or perhaps Hudgens is very lovable and did a good job. Either way, I was smiling along throughout the show. After seeing both Gigi and An American in Paris, it definitely makes me want to go back to Paris and drink some champagne.

I’ve also tried to stay active. Kevin and I participated in a charity event for a non-profit that one of my colleagues founded that was held at City Row. It was actually a lot of fun. I also enjoyed a nice run in Central Park during the perfect not-too-hot/not-too-cold weather (while Kevin literally rode a Citi bike beside me), and we took an evening stroll through Bryant Park because I needed to get my remaining FitBit steps in for the day. Even though we were both tired, I dragged Kevin out, and it ended up being really pretty and we had a special moment together in Bryant Park.

I’ve even had some visitors. I got to see my best friend Becca who was in town for one night for work. We were able to catch up over dinner and drinks–it’s always so much better having face-to-face time with friends! My mom also came out for the weekend. Kevin was a sweetheart and flew my mom in for the weekend while he was in Boston hanging out with a buddy. It was herfirst time visiting me in New York in over a year and it was her first time ever visiting me without my dad.

My mom had a lot of fun shopping and eating and drinking at different restaurants. Even though we ate at some fancy spots, I think my favorite was actually brunch at Laudree in Soho. It was the first time I had been seated in their outdoor area which was really cute. It was also the perfect weather to sit outside. I love their veggie sandwich, their tea, and of course their desserts, so it was a win-win. It was really nice to have a mother-daughter weekend and show my mom more things I love about this city.