2015 Christmas and Grandma’s 80th

Another Christmas in Michigan this year, but this year was a little more special for three reasons. One was that we rented a large party bus for the whole family party together on the drive to my aunt’s house for Christmas Eve. We had so much fun as a family drinking and dancing on the bus the whole two hour drive there. There were colored lights inside and even two stripper poles on the bus–it was a hoot. The second was that it was my grandma’s 80th birthday. Having a party bus made the day even more special for her. The third was getting to meet Frodo Baggins, my parents’ new kitten. He is cute as a button and really playful, so I had a lot of fun playing with the little smoosh.

I was only home for two days, but we made the most of those two days and had a great time with the family.

Published by Kayla