Trip to Boston

I went to Boston for the first time a few weeks ago to visit friends, and boy have I been missing out! Boston is so cute. Not only did I have a great time catching up with the girls I also had a blast exploring the city. We crammed a lot in in a relatively short amount of time. My friend Alison picked me up in Hoboken and we got to Boston late on Friday. We had a late dinner atThe Elephant Walk. Dinner was excellent and I was excited because there were several vegetarian options on the menu. From there we headed to Eastern Standard for a quick drink, and then went to another dive-ish kind of bar to meet up with another friend.

We accomplished a lot on Saturday. We woke up semi-early to check out Harvard’s gorgeous campus. Then we had a fabulous brunch at Beehive with live music, great cocktails, and delicious food. After stuffing ourselves we took a walk through the Boston Public Garden. We were lucky it was such a gorgeous day. There are some cool trees there and we got to see (and dress up) a Boston landmark. After meandering about for a bit, we stopped in the Cheers bar and then continued on to browse through some cute little shops filled with holiday stuff and other trinkets. We also got cupcakes from Sweets (it was seriously the best cupcake I think I ever had–it was a sea salt brownie cupcake), went to the Boston tree lighting, went to the oldest restaurant in America, Union Oyster House, and ended the night with a hearty Italian dinner at Cantina Italiana.

It was a short but sweet trip to Boston. I had a blast, and now I know that I’m a fan of Boston. I’m looking forward to going back to explore some more!


Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

Two weekends ago I went to Washington DC because I really wanted to see the cherry blossom trees. We stayed at The Fairfax hotel. We didn’t get to DC until late on Friday so we went straight to bed once we finally arrived. On Saturday morning I was eager to explore, so we stopped in Firehook Bakery for a quick breakfast. My mouth was watering over their large assortment of pastries, cakes and cookies. It’s a great local spot.From there we drove as close as we could get to the Washington Monument (which wasn’t that close because it was so crowded due to the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade that morning), but it was really nice outside, so we enjoyed the longer walk. There was a cluster of gorgeous cherry blossom trees by the Washington Monument, and all the visitors were flocked to them. Kev and I were able to snap a few shots though.

From there we walked to the National Gallery of Art. Below is one of my fav pieces there by Camille Pissarro, “Charing Cross Bridge, London (1890)”.

After walking around for a few hours, we were pretty exhausted, so we went back to the hotel for a little siesta. The rest of the night was really low key. We watched the Lone Survivor in bed. Watching movies in bed, especially big comfy hotel beds, is one of my favorite things to do on trips.

On Sunday we had brunch at GBD (Good Brown Delicious) where I had a nutella doughnut and french toast sticks. We thought about going to the Smithsonian, but Kevin said he was museumed out, so since it was nice out we decided to check out the DCarboretum instead. Unfortunately, traffic was really bad and we missed the exit though, so we decided to just continue on home.

Although we didn’t do a ton while we were in DC for the weekend, we still had a good time, and I got to see a good number of cherry blossom trees. It was a fun little trip. I’m so glad Spring is here!

Fall in Michigan

Last weekend I went home to Michigan for the weekend. It was a jam-packed weekend full of fun, Fall activities. On Saturday my mom and I spent the morning together and Kevin hung out with my dad. We had lunch at one of my fav spots, Olga’s which made me extremely happy. Then we headed to Ann Arbor for the Michigan v. Penn State football game. We went to my brother’s place in Ann Arbor to tailgate. My mom and I made one of our special cocktails with vodka, Corona, raspberry lemonade, and fresh strawberries. There was also a TON of food: fresh veggies & dip, taco dip with chips, pasta salad, fruit salad, and my dad grilled hot dogs and burgers (veggie for me!) on the grill.

We had a good time eating, drinking, and catching up with my brother and his housemates before we walked to The Big House for the game. This game was extra special because it was a night game making it the third night game ever played in the Michigan Stadium. The halftime show was super cool. What was even better was that we actually won.
On Sunday morning we went to the movies to see Gone Girl. I read the book so I already knew the story, but it was funny hearing by boyfriend’s comments about how crazy Amy is as the story unfolded. My whole family enjoyed the movie. I thought it was really good too which I was surprised about because I usually never like film adaptations as much. Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck both did amazing acting jobs in the film.

After the movie, my brother met up with us and we all went to Spicer’s Cider Mill. It was a really nice day so it was really crowded, but we still had fun. My mom and I did a little wine tasting, we had fresh doughnuts and cider, and I got a caramel apple to go. Our flight back to NYC was Sunday evening, so we chilled at home for the last few hours and watched a scary movie on TV (Freddy vs. Jason) and ordered in Jet’s pizza which I love for some reason.

I enjoy coming home to visit my family and I like coming home in the Fall best since Michigan is so pretty that time of the year.

Thanksgiving in Palm Springs

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs. It was my first time in Palm Springs, so I was looking forward to it. We flew into LAX on Tuesday night and then drove to Palm Springs. Kevin and I stayed at the Viceroy hotel which was nice. I had to work on Wednesday, so we didn’t get to explore much, but we were able to make it to Bikram for a good workout. There were lots of vegetarian food options, so I was very happy about that.

On Thursday afternoon, Kevin and I went over to the Milla Rosa Inn where Kev’s family was staying and hosting the family dinner. Kevin helped cook while I chatted with his family and got boozed up. It was quite pretty watching the sun set behind the mountains. Even though it’s the desert, it actually gets pretty cold once the sun goes behind the mountains. Luckily I came prepared and had sweaters and a jacket. Dinner turned out well, and we all had a great family meal. We didn’t stay too late because I was still on East Cost time, and I wanted to wake up semi-early the next morning to check out the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

The next morning, Kevin and I were out of bed headed towards the Palm Springs tram by 9:30am. It was a good thing we went early too; on the way up there was hardly anyone there, but an hour later on our way back there was a line to come up and the parking lot was much fuller. The tram was really cool. It actually goes pretty fast, so we were at the top in only a few minutes. There are a lot of hiking trails once you get to the top, but Kevin and I just went to observe. We were so high up, I actually felt a little scared of heights which doesn’t usually happen to me. It was really cool though seeing miles of desert in one direction and mountains with tons of trees in the other.

Friday afternoon we had our annual Miller family football game. I got to be captain this year since I was MVP last year (haha) and my team won again this year! We all had a lot of fun playing and it felt good to sweat a little after eating so much the night before. After the football game I got showered and changed to meet up with my best friend Ashley who was coincidentally staying just a town away in Palm Desert with her boyfriend’s family. We had a pre-dinner drink before being seated at a local Mexican spot for dinner. It was so good to see my friend in person and catch up.
On Saturday morning Kev and I got on the road early to drive to LAX for our flight back home. We had a really nice Thanksgiving and it was nice visiting Palm Springs. If you ever go, I highly recommend going on the Palm Spring Aerial Tramway, and if you have time, go on a little hike. Cheers!

First Time in Austin

A few weeks ago I went to Austin for the first time. It was MoPub’s Founders Party. Kevin was out there for a whole week but I flew in Friday night for the big dinner on Saturday. Kev and I stayed at the W hotel which was really nice in downtown Austin. Even though I was only there for a little over 24 hours, I still felt like I got a good sense of what Austin is all about.
On Saturday we had a full day. We went to a BBQ where there were a bunch of fun activities. Me and Kev got our pictures taken with a beautiful longhorn. There was also a bull riding ring and calf roping machine. My favorite was the armadillo ring where you could even get a group of people together to do an armadillo race. They are actually kind of cute. Everyone enjoyed their BBQ while a good live band performed.
After the BBQ we all headed to the Colorado River to get on boat for a little river cruise. Unfortunately it started raining when we got on the boat, but that didn’t stop many of us from hanging out on the top deck for a better view. People in Austin seem pretty active. Even with the drizzle, we saw many people still running on the trail alongside the river.
After the boat cruise we were able to rest for a bit before heading to dinner. There was lots of eating, drinking, and dancing to the live country music. Kevin and I turned in at a reasonable hour even though the after party at another local club was just getting started around midnight.
Though the trip was short, I still had a good time visiting Austin.]]>