I recently stumbled upon an amazing online fashion store called They carry trendy clothing and accessories that look designer but at a reasonable price. I’ve been trying to find a new clothing venue for a while now to try to mix up my look and wear some pieces that I don’t see everyone else wearing, so this is now my go-to place. The only thing I hate about buying things online is that you never know if the product is going to look the same in person, and you can’t guarantee that it will fit right. In addition, the clothing on ASOS are all UK sizes. Therefore, you have to add four to your normal size ( i.e., 4 US + 4 = you now feel like a heifer thanks to the greatly differing UK sizes). No wonder foreigners think Americans are fat…we are, and we simply devised a new size system to make us feel better about our measurements.
Anyway, has some pretty cool, up-to-style clothing. I’ll let you know how I like it after my first purchase too!, I Love Your Style

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

I just finished reading Chelsea Handler’s third book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, and boy was it hilarious. I literally laughed out loud during several parts. The first chapter was a little too crude and uncomfortable for my taste, but it only got better from there. My favorite chapter was the one where Chelsea played a prank (one of many mentioned throughout the book) on her boyfriend, Ted. It wasn’t just any prank though, it was a very elaborate prank with which she got several people to go along. Poor, gullible Ted. Weird that he thought he could trust what Chelsea told him considering she was his girlfriend, right?
Anyway, it was an quick, enjoyable read, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a laugh…well anyone with a light sense of humor that can handle pretty vulgar material. The book is centered around low blows at her father, siblings, and boyfriend, and of course stories involving alcohol and other drug substances. There weren’t any stories about one-night stands though, which was the majority of the material used for her first book, My Horizontal Life, and that was a little surprising. I don’t think she could get away with writing about one-night stands in the newest book considering she had a boyfriend when it was being written. Funny thing is that, as much as Ted is mentioned throughout the book, I think he and Chelsea have broken up since the book has been published. Oh well, that feisty blond will be on to the next one in no time.